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Malba by Maximiliano Passarelli / Béhance

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I’ve been watching a lot of Jessica Hische’s (the designer/letterer of these) talks lately, she’s so freaking awesome. I love her work :)

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Soap Industries

"Soap are a new digital and mobile development agency based in London. They differentiate themselves from their competitors through the craft and detail imbued in their service. Soap were keen to leverage this unique selling point and establish themselves as a premium player in the desktop and mobile development market.  We created a brand story and identity system that represented Soap’s distinct perspective and applied it to both print and digital collateral. The result was a paradoxical brand that reflected Soap’s craftsmanship and tactile work ethic through 1930s industrial insignia, pastel colours and metallic foils.  This unusual combination helped to define a distinct brand style that communicated the core values at the heart of the business, and set Soap apart from their competitors. Printed material by Avenue Litho."

by Socio Design


Do Or Dye


Walter Marti, Typographie, 1957. Luzern, Switzerland. The complete album here: Peter Gabor © Design & Typo

Typography is the art of correct interpretation of a script, its clear and attractive presentation and narration by means of the cast letter with the purpose that a thought is easy to read.